Your Guide to Using Hair Wax

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At Hair Dough, there are some questions we tend to receive more often than most. For example, lots of people are unsure of how to use hair wax. After doing some research, we found this was somewhat of an under-covered topic. While you might find several guides on what products to choose, not many delve into the actual application process; luckily, we have you covered!



Why Choose Hair Wax?


Designed for smart hairstyles, wax is all about keeping the hair looking sleek as opposed to adding volume. Since it isn’t water-based and doesn’t leave the hair rock solid after application, wax also allows for flexibility; you can keep playing with it all day.


On the other hand, you will need to perform a deep shampoo clean after a long day because wax can be hard to remove. With the basics covered, here’s a simple step-by-step guide you can follow the next time you play with hair wax.


Application Guide


Step 1: Start Small


With this particular men’s hair product, you only want a pea-sized amount because it can be very hard to come back from applying too much. Start small, and you’ll have an opportunity to layer later.


Step 2: Get it Warm


As you’ll see when you scrape some from the pot, wax tends to be hard. To make it softer and ready for application, it needs to be warm so rub your hands together.


Step 3: Coat the Surface


Some will go mad here and rough up the hair, but you want to start by only applying the wax to the surface. At this stage, resist the urge to put your fingers through the hair.


Step 4: Style


Once the top is coated, get your fingers in and style. If you want a traditional side parting, a quiff, or slick back, our Hair Dough Comb will be a perfect partner.



Step 5: Fix


If there’s a section of hair not playing ball, add a tiny bit of wax to the hands and gently push them down. If you want it to stay in place for the day, apply some hairspray (this will prevent you from playing later though!).


There we have it, your guide to wax application. As long as you follow these simple steps, your hair will hold its shape and turn heads for the full day!



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