Improve Your Hairstyle with 7 Brilliant Hair Hacks

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We all want great looking hair, right? Often, the hairstyle finishes a look, so it plays an important role. Whether your hair is thin, thick, straight, curly, long, or short, there’s no need to fear because we have some advice today!


  1. Consider Less Shampoo


If you’re washing your hair every day, we highly recommend changing your routine. On a biological level, the hair needs to replenish oils and it can’t do this if you’re attacking it with cleansing products every morning.


At Hair Dough, we normally suggest shampooing every other day or even every third day (depending on your hair length and how much product you use!). Of course, hair gets greasy when left unclean for too long so find the balance. Some days, it’s absolutely fine to just run some water through it.




  1. Trim the Edges


In between appointments at the barber shop, there’s no reason why you can’t do your own trimming with a small electric razor. Around the edges of the hairline, it can sometimes get a little messy and you’re left with an undesired look until you can get back to your barber. Not only will this tip help you keep a neat appearance, it will also save time and money too.


  1. Consider the Humidity


Have you ever thought about the humidity while applying your men’s hair clay? Well, you should do because moisture adds weight, weight causes frizz, and this weakens the product (any hair spiked up will lose life and flop!).


In our experience, it’s always best to check the humidity before even leaving home. If you live in a location where a humid climate is common, go for a pomade with ‘anti-humectant’ properties.


Alternatively, carry some of your men’s hair product while on the go so you can bring it back to life early in the afternoon. If you’ve tried all of the above and nothing seems to work, ask your barber to cut it a little shorter and this will reduce the amount of product you need; and, therefore, lessen the impact moisture has on your hair.


  1. Choose Products Carefully


These days, we understand the confusion that consumers have considering there are clays, gels, pomades, waxes, pastes, creams, and all sorts of other products. Let’s break it down and take a look at some tips;


  • A casual and messy look will be achieved best with a clay or paste
  • Gels will provide a slick feel and look
  • Your hair needs to be dry to avoid clumping with wax, paste, and clay (it should also be massaged into the hair)
  • Gels and creams work better in wet hair (towel-dried, not ‘just out of the shower’ wet)


If we take our fantastic Styling Fiber at Hair Dough, it’s best to warm the product up by rubbing the hands together. This way, it can be applied without sticky lumps on your head.



  1. Experiment


While on the topic of products, don’t be afraid to have a little fun; your head isn’t going to suddenly explode or go a funny color. Instead, test two products together and see what happens. If one product offers texture and the other hold, they may just form the dream team.


  1. Use Tools


Often, we’re asked whether it’s possible for people with thin hair to style it into a modern pompadour or another style that requires a strong hold. They can be scared to get their hair cut into a taper or fade only to then have trouble keeping the hair in place.


If you recognize this dilemma, we have great news; it’s absolutely possible. All you need to do is add volume and this comes with combs and blow dryers. For example, our Hair Dough Comb and Quiff Roller will allow you different styles when combined with the hair dryer.


For those willing to get a little dizzy for the perfect hair, you could even blow dry with your head upside down. As gravity does its thing, the comb helps the hair to stay in place. With some gel or cream, you’ll be well away.




  1. Buy Dry Shampoo


Wait, does this actually exist? Yes, and it’s amazing.


If you wake up late for work or are travelling around the world, applying some dry shampoo will cleanse the hair and absorb the grease until you have a chance to wash properly. If you don’t want to watch as your hair gets shinier and shinier throughout the day, dry shampoo will do the trick. For some, they’ve even found success with talc powder, so this is also worth a try.


Get Started Today


With these seven tips, you’re ready to impress your friends, family, and colleagues every single day. If you need a helping hand, don’t forget to check out our own products at Hair Dough. If you learned something, why not share this article with others online too?

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