Be Unique with Your Spike: 5 Tips to Try Today

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If you think you’re limited with what you can do with your hair, think again. For many men, they think they have to go with the same style every single day, but this simply isn’t the case. You can spike in the front, spike at the back, spike with long hair, spike with short hair, and lots more besides.


As long as you’re willing to have some fun, Hair Dough has got the information (and wonderful products) you need. Since the spike is easy to do, and there are plenty of men’s hair products to utilize, we’ve got some fantastic tips to change up your look and choose a hairstyle that reflects your character!




Before we launch into our tips, we first recommend cleaning your hair since this will make styling much easier. You could try without washing, but the added grease and tiredness can make it a little difficult. Once you’ve run the hair through with shampoo and conditioner, either blow dry or wait for the hair to dry naturally (for those who haven’t yet been brave enough to make this investment!).


With this, you’re ready to get started with our tips!




Choosing a Product


With so many men’s hair products available, how are you supposed to know which is best? At Hair Dough, we have two products that both work wonders for this design; the Styling Fiber Matte and Smooth Fiber Cream.


Ultimately, we recommend choosing a product that matches your own needs. You should consider hair texture, strength, and length (more on this later!). If we use hair wax as an example, this would be a great option because it allows for some flexibility. We all mess up sometimes; you can play with wax until you’re happy with the look.


With this in mind, you can also adjust the amount you apply to control the look. Applying a little will allow the individual hairs to shine, applying lots will clump hairs into sections.


Spiking the Hair at the Front


If you’re looking for a traditional spike at the front where everything points forwards, first brush your hair to remove knots. If you choose water-based products rather than a wax, you’ll need a little more so bear this in mind. From here, spread the product between your palms and gently rub the product into the hair. Since we’re going for a spike at the front, make sure the overall movement is back to front.


While you work the product into the hair, clench the fingers so the hair stands to attention. Soon enough, it should be evenly distributed, and you can play some more. Depending on your hair, you might prefer only the front spiked with the rest flat, or you might like more of an informal, messy spike where the odd chunk of hair further back gets a bit of attention too.


Spiking the Hair at the Back


To achieve this, you’re going to grab the men’s hair clay or whatever your choice of product may be before applying towards the bottom of the back of the head. As you slowly work up, keep pinching and work the product in deep. The deeper it gets, the more likely it is to stay standing. With hair between the fingers, you can actually slide the fingers out and the hair should remain in place. Of course, there might be sections of your hair that seem intent on making you late for work so use a little more wax on these areas and keep pinching.




Spiking Short Hair


As promised, we want to address hair length since this plays an important role. At Hair Dough, we’ve found that gel works best for those with thin and straight hair. As long as you avoid the products that leave the hair looking wet and greasy, you can apply a good amount to your hands and start shaping.


Give the hair time to bond with the gel (not in the ‘making friends’ way, of course!), and keep running your hands over the top of your head. Eventually, you’ll be able to grab strands between your fingers and pull them up. Although this might seem time-consuming, you’ll look great at the end.


Spiking Long Hair


For those with long hair, we get your frustration. Your hair is normally too long and heavy to spike, right? Therefore, you should be looking for heavy and extra-strong hold products. Whichever you choose, apply as suggested (some may say that better results come with wet hair). Bond the section of hair you want to stand up and keep working the product into the roots.


Alternatively, you could consider a faux mohawk or full mohawk which have been inspired by the spike hairstyles but aren’t as difficult to achieve.


Have Fun with Your Hair


Thanks for reading, we hope you got some useful information for achieving that perfect spike. Let’s not forget, your hair can always be washed so feel free to play around and find what works with your hair. Also, remember to check out our other informational blogs and brilliant products at Hair Dough!


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